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Wedding planning…where do I start???

Wedding planning…where do I start???

Have you just started wedding planning and are asking yourself…..where do I start…. don’t worry, you are not alone! This is the most common question we get asked when it comes to wedding planning and our response is always the same thing, start with the big 3 and everything grows from there!

  •  Venue
  • Food
  • Entertainment

In this blog we’re going to talk you through the basics of finding your perfect venue. It may seem like a simple case of hitting that Google search but….trust us…it’s a minefield out there! The first step (after working out your budget) is getting an idea of guest list, this will enable you to narrow down the type and size of venue you to look for, what’s the point in finding your dream venue if you can’t have all your nearest and dearest there? Once you’ve got a rough idea of numbers it’s then time to start thinking about your style as a couple. Do you want a grand castle in the countryside? Maybe you’re more of  DIY in the middle of a field people or perhaps you just want to keep it simple, well, whatever your tastes are, there will be a venue out there for you!

The next step is where (geographically) you want to tie the knot. This will influence many other areas of wedding planning from booking accommodation to finding the right suppliers. It might be worth considering where your guests are travelling from, if they aren’t local to the venue then it’s essential to have a variety of hotels etc. nearby. Once you’ve decided on your numbers, location and style then it’s time to start Googling! We suggest narrowing it down to your top 3, this way you’re get a good idea of what’s available!

Fingers crossed our tips are a good place to start but don’t forget we offer a free venue finding service. Head over our packages  page now to check out how we can help x

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