Well let us tell you..

We get asked over and over again, why would someone hire a wedding planner and we always reply with the same response… why wouldn’t they?

Many years ago a wedding planner was thought of as luxury, something only available for the elite and super rich but as the era of DIY weddings is upon us a wedding planner has almost become an essential.

We find that many of our clients love the idea of having a festival style wedding or a barn in the country with a huge open space but don’t think about the fact that with that comes many (many) different suppliers and unfortunately all these suppliers need coordinating, suddenly, the money that’s been saved on doing it yourself seems nil and void compared the  stress that comes with getting everybody in the right place at the right time.

Enter the wedding planner – you see, our role is to give you the most magical day ever and this means taking all those stresses away. Think of us as your middle man, why send 5 emails to 5 different suppliers when you can send 1 email with 5 different points, It’s a no brainer right? Our job is to get the answers you need and to deal with any unexpected twist and turns. For those couples that don’t mind the toing and froing beforehand, think about the big day itself, do you really want the hassle of worrying if the caterers have arrived or if the marquee is up and ready to be dressed..no, you want to enjoy every single second of the most magical day ever. 

Having a wedding planner/coordinator running the big event means that you don’t need to focus on anything other sharing your love as a couple with your nearest and dearest. Like you, we want the day to be as seamless as possible which is why we’ll be on hand to make sure that everything runs smoothly and that you and your guests truly have a day to remember.