Here it is, our last installment about the do’s and don’t when it comes to your bridesmaids! We’re going to pick up right where we left off so here goes!!

You’ve chosen the outfits, everyone’s happy and it’s now time to lock it all in!! One question that we’re always asked is “what should I pay for when it comes to my bridesmaids?” and we always offer the same advice…whatever you’ve got the budget for! Now, traditionally, the happy couple would be the ones to pay for everything however, times have moved on and there’s almost an unwritten rule that your bridal party and grooms men will pay towards something, so we’ve broken down for you!

Who pays for what?
With the outfits now sorted, the big question is, who pays for what? We would highly recommend that the bride pays for the bulk of the outfit, at the end of the day, you’re asking them to wear something that they may not have chosen themselves so it only seems fair that the cost is covered by you, however, if you saw our last blog, we mentioned that you should be open to the idea of letting your bridesmaids make alterations so, if they want to make changes, then they should be the ones to cover those costs.

Now, when it comes to the shoes, it is 100% acceptable to ask your bridesmaids to pay for these themselves. We would also suggest (as a collective) letting the bridesmaids choose their own shoes, after all, they’ll be paying!

NB: PLEASE MAKE SURE THEY ARE ALL THE SAME COLOUR!! As with the dresses, not everyone will have the same taste so miss matching styles work fine as long as there’s colour continuity.

Hair and Make-up
This is an easy answer, the bride should pay for one OR the other (depending on the bridal party size). Both tend to be around the same sort of price, we usually advise paying for the hair and if you do pay for the hair, it gives you a little more control over the style! We work with some great suppliers and one of our faves is Vicki Butterworth MUA, check out her Instagram here.

This is very much a case by case basis. More often than not the accessories (or at least some of them) are given to the bridesmaids as a gift on the wedding day, think of it as a really nice way of saying thank you to your besties for all their help and support!

Our final tips
Make the most of this time with your bridesmaids and try to have regular catch ups. You want everyone to feel comfortable with each other so getting together every couple of months will really help. Also, when it comes to the hen do, leave them to it, sometimes relinquishing control can be a good thing however, it doesn’t hurt offering a steer in the right direction!

So that’s it, we really hope you’ve enjoyed our first blog series! Our top priority is to make sure your big day stress free and we’ve got more information on how here!