We’re still talking wedding cakes, well in truth, alternatives to the wedding cake. In out last blog we mentioned not being huge fans of cake so, we’re always looking for something different!

Here, we’ve decided to list some of the great alternatives we’ve seen over the last few years.

  1. The cheesecake
    So you may by thinking we’re referring to a New York or Lemon cheesecake but if in fact, we’re talking about the savoury kind! This might sound crazy but it’s more common than you think. Normally, they’d be at least 3 varieties of cheese and usually the bottom “tier” would be something round and hard. Our recommendation would be a good West Country Cheddar, not only is it an all round crowd pleaser but there are some super tasty ones out there! Then it’s a matter of taste, for us it would have to be a Brie and then a smooth Blue!
    *Top tip* You can serve the cheese up as an alternative to a dessert. Just add some crackers and grapes and you’re good to go!
  2. The Pork Pie
    This has to be our least favourite alternative to wedding cakes but surprisingly has become really popular! it actually works really well for festival style weddings and those who are a bit more country. The advantage of having a “cake” like this is that you can get whoever is making it to add a little personal touch to the pastry and also, you can work the evening food around it, think Ploughman’s dinner.
  3.  Cookies, Brownies and Cupcakes
    This option is for those of you that have a sweet tooth but may want to offer bite size treats for your guests. You can even mix it up and a have a few of each available. One thing we love about this idea is that it’s totally hassle free as they can all come individually portioned. If you went for a cookie option, you could consider having one giant one as a focal point and then lots of little ones. If you’re looking for some great ideas then check out a couple of our faves – Jessicabakes_X & Sunny T Cakes
  4. Doughnut Wall
    Our final alternative suggestion for you is more of a gimmick/phase rather than an actual substitute wedding cake. The Doughnut wall is a really fun and cool way for your guests to get involved and have some extra fun. You can keep it simple with just your classic iced ring doughnuts or have every other one a different flavour. There are a few different wall styles available out there and some companies will personalise them for you too!

So that’s it, we hope that you’ve found our suggestions handy and that our top tips have been helpful. Of course, there’s are more alternative¬† options for wedding cakes out there but just remember, it’s about what works for you guys! Don’t let tradition dictate your big day, after all, everyone’s there to share in your love xx