Hiya, we’re back and in our next couple of blogs we’ll be talking about wedding cakes and how over the last few years things have massively changed.

Gone are the days of the simple fruit cake with the classic royal icing, we’re now in an age when it’s more common to find a lemon drizzle tier rather than something fruity! We’ve also noticed that whilst having some form of cake still exists, they’re much less of a focal point than they once were.

Over the last year or so it’s been “on trend” to go with a minimalistic style, such as a naked cake (a simple sponge with barley there icing usually dressed with fresh fruit or flowers) however, as we look towards 2021 *HORAH* what are the new cake trends coming your way?

Bigger and better….
With many people having had to postpone their nuptials there’s an overriding sense of “go hard or go home” and it seems that this will be the case when it comes to wedding cakes, think 4 or 5 tiers, bold colours and extravagant decorations!! Of course this will all depend on your overall wedding theme so don’t feel like you HAVE to spend a fortune on this sweet treat but If you need some inspiration, check out Cemlyn Cakes who’s cakes are just incredible! Personally, we aren’t huge cake lovers here at Hummingbird HQ (don’t hold that against us please!!) so bigger the better isn’t our preferred style however, you’re the one getting married so it’s up to you! *Top Tip* Don’t count on everyone having a slice so if you’ve got, let’s say 100 guests, go for about 78 portions…leave them wanting more 😉

Something else you could consider if you’re going all out, is to have your cake as part of the wedding breakfast? Depending on the size and flavours, you could present it as a platter in the middle of the table for your guests, that way they can fight over their favourites!

We’re going to leave it there for now as all this cake talk has got us feeling peckish! Oh and on the rare occasions we do indulge in cake our go to has to be a chocolate fudge 😋….what about you??
On our next instalment we’re going to talk about the alternatives to a standard cake and how best to utilise these!