So, it’s undeniable that the wedding landscape has changed drastically over the last 12 months so we’re looking ahead to what trends we might see cropping up in 2021!

Weekday weddings…..
We’ve seen weekday weddings become more popular over the last few years and are often preferred by our older couples and those that want a smaller, more intimate ceremony however, as Minimonies and The Micro-ceremony (if you’ve not heard about these, check out our Instagram post from early last year) are still very much a thing, having a weekday wedding lends itself really well. The advantage of a weekday wedding is not only that it costs less (keep in mind that a Friday will often be classed as the weekend) but it also means they’ll be more choices when it comes to finding your perfect suppliers, you’ll have more quality time to spend with your guests and the overall feel of the day will be much more personal. Of course, having a weekday wedding could prove tricky for your guests in terms of annual leave etc. but, the way we see it, the important ones will be there no matter what!

Welcome gifts rather than wedding favours….
Now, just because Corna Virus seems to finally be hotfooting it back to where it came from, there will still be remnants of it for some time to come. One way in which we’ll see this taking shape, is by giving guests a welcome favour at the beginning of the day. Some industry insiders are suggesting that these could consist of cute mini hand sans, clean down wipes or perhaps disposable masks. If you wanted to step it up a notch, you could even have a little badge to let people know if you’re a hugger or shunner!! Basically what we’re saying is, there’s ways to stay safe whilst having the best time!

Romantic outdoor spaces……
Ok so this isn’t a new trend but it is something that we’ll be seeing more and more of. We’re not talking about full blown outside weddings but we mean more along the lines of making the most of the outdoor spaces already available. If you’re having a Spring/Summer wedding, then why not think about fairy lights and lanterns to spruce up an outside area, you don’t even need electricity as there are so many beautiful battery operated options available nowadays you’ll be spoilt for choice! For those having an Autumn/Winter wedding, why not create a little snug area outside for your guests to get cosy in complete with warm woolly blankets and comfy furniture! If you’re looking to add that personal touch, then check out these storage boxes from Etsy.

Brunch Weddings……
No, we’re not talking the bottomless kind but the brunch wedding is a hot commodity in 2021. As more weddings are held outdoors, people will start taking advantage of longer days and sun-kissed experiences, including garden brunch parties with lighter food options. The best part for guests is having the option to continue parting as dusk begins or heading home for a well deserved nap after a hard day of celebrating, so go grab your Mimosas and Bloody Marys and get brunching!!

One trend though that won’t ever go out of fashion is having a wedding planner!! For more info about how we can bring you big day to life, head over to our weddings page now x